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PVC Hexa Nets

As a Industrial PVC Hexa Nets Manufacturer & Exporter in Maharashtra. We are currently suppling this category to our Customers.
We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of garden fences and our product is made up of good quality. A Garden fence is an ideal choice for Farms Fencing and gardens because of flexibility, strength, weather-resistant, lightweight, and durability, and is not- injurious to animals. It is widely used as a garden fence, agriculture fencing, property and farms, sports fence, roads, barriers, balconies, and railing.
Industrial PVC Hexa Nets Manufacturer
MaterialsHDPE Knotted Types
Thickness of FilamentsThickness of Filaments
Mesh size20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 40mm sq.
 ColorsWhite, Black & Green
TemperatureSafe at 110 degrees/ Softening point 120 degrees/ Melting point
130 degrees
Breaking strenghtTwine 20kg, 28kg
GuaranteeAfter installation UV 5 Years